Corporate portraits, actor headshots and magazine photography styles

June 13, 2018

Corporate portraits, actors headshots, magazine covers, whatever I might be photographing for Photo Heads, there’s sometimes a balance to be struck between what I want to do and what the client wants.

Of course the client gets what they want but if there is a difference between what I’ve been asked for and what I’d like to shoot, I try and give a little bit of my vision once I’ve ticked the client boxes. Not just to satisfy my own personal agenda or for my portfolio but because I genuinely believe that there might be some value for the client and that once they see it they might love it too.

In an ideal world the client will be able to identify with my existing style and what I photograph, booking me to ‘do what I do’ for them. In reality some people don’t actually know what they want from a photographer and have a vague style guide that they want to adhere to. Alternatively, somebody will come to me with a specific agenda and ask me to work to that brief.

In both of these situations I do what they want and I do a little bit of what I think will work for the shoot too. It doesn’t take much time, a camera setting change will often alter things dramatically.

The shoot below was on of my headshot sessions, Turn Up Get Shot photographed in Shoreditch (London). I was asked for light images but I felt that this shoot had more to give – light images can look great, very current and if you’re planning to use the image on your website to attract clients, light and smiley is probably going to be just the ticket . However, I think that slightly darker images with more shadow can look really interesting – a bit of light and dark in an image often makes a portrait.

I loved the lighter images in this shoot and I love making people crack out an honest, super natural smile but there are times when a bit of more intensity and less light tick my boxes. And here you have it.

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