Editorial Photography – Author Portrait

July 30, 2018

Lets have a look at some recent editorial photography that featured portraits of an author for a magazine cover feature.

A magazine feature and cover portrait are very much about story telling within the photography. All portraits have a different purpose and with differing styles and specific nuances. However when it all comes down to it there is one thing that should be present in all portraits, headshots or pictures of people. Personality. The only difference with an editorial portrait is that the personal story needs to match the written word.

What I love about taking magazine portraits is that I get to spend a little longer with the person or people being photographed. The best thing about being a photographer and one of the most useful skills is the ability to talk to people. It’s crucial to be able to make people feel at ease, find out about who they are as individuals and this is all done through talking to people. And I love talking to new people, which is why I like to photograph a feature or cover profile because you get more time to know people. You can see the results too.

Working with a person for a little while allows the nerves, their nerves, to disappear and you see the real personality coming out in the photographs. They become comfortable, look honest and pictures look real, rather than a contrived or awkward shot.

This session was of an author interview on a subject that she believed in so the pictures needed to be believable. The choice of location was really important too – photographed at her house, a comfortable space with home comforts and the family dog everything about this shoot was relaxed and comfortable. We got some great pictures and the process was genuinely enjoyable too.

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