Editorial Photography London

August 7, 2018

So editorial photography London. It shouldn’t really matter where it’s photographed, an editorial shoot is an editorial shoot wherever it takes place. However, in this instance the location does have an impact on the photographs.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post about editorial photography (author portrait), the difference between this type of portrait or headshot is that I (the photographer) get to spend more time talking to the person being photographed. Through our conversation, Jonathan here explained that he felt he was different to the other cover portraits featured in the magazine.

Featuring in a learning & development magazine targeted at professionals, Jonathan had observed that he was different from other features because he was more of a business oriented subject than other feature personalities had been. W that he meant that was other cover features had practitioners, authors and experts in the field of learning and development.

Where Jonathan differed was that he is more entrenched in the business side of things. Knowing how to run and successfully grow a business within the technology solutions for the industry. He felt that because of this perceived difference, he’d like to have London featured in some of the images to give it the City feel.

So there was my challenge, to include some photographs that included London as a part of the portrait but without being too obvious or cheesy about it. So avoiding the temptation that might take hold of some photographers and ignoring the opportunity to have Jonathan hanging out of a black cab or standing inside a phone box. Instead, we used the city as a backdrop to create some pensive portraits that look great.

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