Corporate Headshots London

August 14, 2018

Corporate Headshots London – photographed in studio on Shoreditch’s Brick Lane.


Lets face it corporate photography has changed so much for the better, partly because business have changed. Organisations have become less stuffy over time and the good old headshot has followed, or at least it should have. some people are still keen on the awkward looking white background shot but lets not get into that right now.

Even though businesses have changed, there are still times when a shirt and tie and a jacket are called for.  This was one of those shoots that raised a dress code question – tie on or off, suit jacket on or off. You might go to your, office or co-working space in shorts and t-shirt but there will be times when it comes to meeting clients you are fully suited up, which means that you might want your heashot to be suited too. At best dropping the tie is sometimes the most relaxed you can afford to be, in which case your headshot will reflect this.

So in this shoot there were two options. Both featured a smart shirt and a jacket, the only difference being the removal of the jacket. There was a slightly different demeanor in each of these shots too. When the tie came off so too did the shackles. There wasn’t any dancing on the tables but with the removal of the tie came a more relaxed smile that was almost set free by the removal of the tie.

I personally preferred the shot featuring the tie (above). Maybe it’s because I don’t find myself photographing people wearing them very often. Or maybe it was because I like the tidy aesthetic of this shot and the stillness and feeling of calm that it holds. Or maybe it’s because I never wear a tie and I’m impressed at anyone that can remember how to tie one of those things.


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