What to Wear for a Headshot – Glasses

August 20, 2018

What to wear for a headshot – glasses.

Planning for your headshot can involve anything from practising your squinch in the mirror to worrying about what to wear. In this blog post I’ll be talking about what to do about wearing glasses and whether you should keep them on or take them off for the photograph.

There are two types of glasses wearer, the occasionally wearer and old speccy four eyes (like me). If you are one of the everyday wearers then you should definitely wear your glasses for your headshot because it’s who you are, the glasses will define part of our character so keep them on.

For r those of you that are occasional wearers because you sometimes wear contact lenses or you only need glasses for reading or driving then think about the look you want to go for. As you’ll see from the portrait above, glasses can make the picture look super cool. This guy absolutely rocks the glasses look. He looks great without specs too but I really do think that the glasses kill in this shot. But be careful the reason he looks so good in glasses is because his glasses suit him. The glasses suit the man and they go so well with his outfit, the suit and tie combine perfectly with the thick plastic rims.

From a photographer’s perspective glasses can be a bit of a challenge. The way they reflect the light can cause some strange effects and there’s often a weird purple tint within the anti-glare coating used to protect the lenses. But that’s my problem right. My advice is that if you’re a art-time glasses wearer lets do some shots with and without them to see what looks best. If you’re a full-time wearer keep them on.


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