Lighting Lifestyle Product Photography

September 5, 2018

Lighting lifestyle product photography has a certain art to it but this image was more reactive than planned, however, it follows the same basic principals. So by talking about this accidental light you can get an insight into how to either light product and lifestyle shoots or what to look for from natural light that presents itself.

At a certain time of night as the sun is setting I’m often presented with the most delicious lines of light in my kitchen. On the day that I took this shot I just happened to have my camera so I decided to to shoot it.

What’s really lovely here is the shadows at the left and right side of the image which mimic the barn door effect, creating a really dramatic contracts between light and dark which is great for capturing peoples attention. This photograph could work perfectly for a kitchen shoot, as an alternative to the brightly lit wide shots that are standard. Instead of following the norm this approach opts for something much more visually exciting as a way to showcase specific elements and details of the kitchen.

This shot was designed to show off the brass cup handles of the kitchen without being solely about the handles themselves – the cup handles feature as part of the image but what your seeing is an overall lifestyle type image. A little bit of fruit was used to dress the image giving it context so that this feels like a real kitchen. It is a real kitchen, it’s my kitchen but I wanted to avoid it looking too staged.

To create a similar lighting effect using natural light try using the curtains to create two areas of shadow at either side of the picture and hey presto you’ve got yourself a beautiful looking product or lifestyle type image.

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