Cool Bristol Headshots

September 27, 2018

Check out these cool Bristol headshots. Bristol is a pretty cool city and these headshots taken in a cool work space of some cool people just had to be, you know, cool.

Within the building that i was shooting was the most incredible corridor with some amazing strip lighting on the walls. I know, when you say it out loud its one of those hipster sounding styles that’s just done for the sake of being different – “yeah we’ve got strip lighting on the walls, carpet on the ceilings and we use upturned buckets for chairs”, but it’s not pretentious like that at all. It’ actually a great way to light a dark corridor.

The light is much more even and less oppressive than having the fluorescent bulbs beaming down from above. When I saw these lights I immediately decided that I wanted to use these corridors for part of the headshot session. This strong white light traveling at right angles towards the subject casting a lovely shadow across half the face was glorious. And the way the bulbs were incased in the old-fashioned plastic covers, the light was defused just enough to avoid being too harsh and I loved it.

The whole space was great, in addition to the lights which I’m obviously nuts about, the concrete walls, floors and ceilings created a really amazing feel. Combined with the windows looking in to work pods (out of shot) this whole area felt like something from a science-fiction film. Or at least a sci-fi movie filmed in the 80s or 90s. The artwork on the walls and the furnishings (presumably designed for breakout sessions and impromptu meetings) kept the area grounded in the reality of the present and stopped the whole thing from looking a bit too wacky.

So as you can tell I enjoyed this headshot session because we were able to have fun with it. And that’s what a headshot should be, comfortable, relaxed and a little bit of fun too. Although not wacky fun with stupid poses and awkward smiles. Fun in a cool way.


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