Hackney Headshots

October 4, 2018

Hackney headshots! When I told a family member that I was shooting in Hackney he panicked, “you’re not shooting in Hackney, you’re photographing in Hackney”, I was corrected.

He was very very concerned about the misunderstanding that could occur from simply saying that I’m ‘shooting in Hackney’. I explained that hackney has changed, it’s much hipper and on the up. And you can see that from these headshots of solicitors based in this London Borough. Theses weren’t your Better Call Saul style of lawyers they were a much more respectable kettle of fish. Gentrified, friendly and relaxed.

The brief was to provide two variations, natural headshots photographed in the office environment and headshots against a plain background. The photographs taken in the office using a shallow depth of field (so that the background is blurred) to draw attention to the person being photographed and to give a rich textured feel to the images.

By contrast the shots against a plain backdrop are less fussy but they don’t have the benefit of using the background to create an interesting calm dynamic with a serene sensibility. The challenge with these images is to make them look interesting, while less is happening within the frame. The other aim is to avoid falling into the trap that so many plain/white background headshots suffer from – no bland, awkward looking headshots.

By making the background a little darker (than the typical white) and using a really lovely colour pallet these images work nicely. They also benefit from flipping the camera to create a vertical portrait so that the negative space at the top of the image can be used to create interesting negative space.

Have a look at these images and see what you think of this Hackney headshots.


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