Natural Light Headshots – Clerkenwell

November 5, 2018

I love love love natural light photography so lets have a look at these Clerkenwell headshots to see why. I do like to get creative with studio lights too but I just love everything about manipulating daylight to my advantage.

It comes with a set of challenges that you won’t experience with studio lights because the position and the colour of the lighting will change throughout the shoot. When it comes to consistency, it means that you have to work harder as a photographer with both the lighting and also when editing to.

With this collection of portraits taken in Clerkenwell, London I used a window as my light source so the trick was to complete the shoot within the shortest amount of time possible – I needed to be finished before the sun had travelled over the building and away from my window.

The other challenge was to maintain consistent with this company’s previous headshots. The real challenge was that they’d moved offices since the first few times I’d photographed them so it was all change.

When shooting natural light portraits this sort of thing is always going to be a challenge so to maintain consistency I used I went dark. Exposing so that the faces were lit perfectly, with some interesting shadows and then the background was dark beautiful moodiness.

The other consistent element is the physical construction of the image. The positioning of each person was super important as was their reactions.


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