Headshot in the streets of London

November 19, 2018

Photographing a headshot in the streets of London is great fun but offers certain challenge too. Ultimately though it does look because of the drama that can be created shooting in one of the major world cities.

The brief was to deliver a set of business portraits for a client website that were interesting and creative. A feel for the city of London was also important but it didn’t need to be too over. Forget the red phone box’s and obvious landmarks – we didn’t want things to look too touristy.

The shoot took place just outside Liverpool Street Station, standing in the middle of the road with the buildings running along Bishopsgate giving that London feel we ere able to create a cool city feel to the photographs. We could have been more obvious by having the gherkin in the shot but the photographs didn’t need it. They didn’t need that distraction of overdoing, ‘this is London’ tributes. There might be a red bus or a black cab somewhere in the shot because we are shooting in the middle of the road, it’s difficult to avoid them but beyond the iconic vehicles all the obvious London elements have been avoided.

The challenge with shooting in London is that it’s busy! Busy as hell so a shoot like this needs to be planned for a quieter time of day. Sunday evening was the perfect time to shoot and although it will still be busy there’s a little more space to move. And the way we shot these images was to stand on an island in the middle of the road so we needed to be able to find some space of our own.

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