London Headshot & Portrait Photography

November 26, 2018

London headshot & portrait photography is pretty self-explanatory It’s headshots and portraits photographed in and around London. I do work outside London but this is where I shoot most.

So here’s the thing about my approach. It is to give people the best possible picture of themselves that I can produce. That means different things to different people; some people want to look attractive, some people want to look cool, others want to look confident, some want to look assured – most want to look young and slim with a full head of hair but that’s another blog post altogether.

However you want to be perceived, whatever your agenda or your personal brand aspirations, I want to get the same thing from you, a connection. The one thing that I want to get from anybody that I photograph is a connection. When I photograph you I want to make a connection between you and the lens. I want you to connect with the person looking at the picture. I want to feel your personality in the room. Put simply, I want to capture your personality as well as your likeness. Without getting into a discussion about a headshot Vs a portrait, this is why every headshot that I take is a portrait. It is a representation of you.

This is why I like visiting people when I’m photographing a portrait. I do invite people on to my turf so they will come in to studio and we’ll work together but working with people in their own environment or a person’s third space (bar or coffee shop type place) or sometimes in the streets gives me a head start because they’re relaxed in their territory.

As I get to this point in the post I think that I’ve said enough. I could write more about what I want people deserve from a portrait or headshot but the best way to see what you get is to look at what other people have received. So have a look through some of my work and if you want to discuss working together get in touch.


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Headshots in the Streets of London
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