What to wear for a headshot – glasses

December 12, 2018

What to where? What to where? That all important question, a question that becomes for confusing when dressing for a headshot so lets answer the question of what to wear for a headshot and specifically, should you wear glasses or take them off?

Talking about what to wear for a headshot covers so many different items that it would be too broad to feature them all in one blog post so I’m covering it off in a series of smaller posts. This is the second so far, the first talking about wearing heels.

For a photographer glasses are a bit of a challenge really. More often than not they’re a bit mucky, and they cause me all sorts of problems. A good headshot or portrait focuses on the eyes and glasses can obscure the eye a little but that’s not the end of the world I’ll just need to push them up your nose a little.

Focusing through the lens so that the eye is in focus is more of a challenge but again I can get through that. The biggest obstacle is the reflections, light spots and colours that the lenses reflect or pick up. Anti glare coatings throw up strange purple hues sometimes, and the lights used to light the shot can sometimes reflect on the lens.

With all that said and done, all of those problems belong to the photographer. If you wear glasses in your daily life you should wear them in your headshot too.

So the answer to the question, “should I wear glasses in my headshot’ is definitely a yes.

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