What to wear for a headshot – clothing colours and patterns

January 7, 2019

Continuing my series of blog posts discussing what to wear for a headshot, the discussion turns to clothing, specifically colours and patterns and styles.

As you’ll see from this headshot photographed in our Brick Lane studio, London the decision was to keep it simple. This won’t be the best option for everybody in every situation but it works for this corporate headshot and I’ll explain why.

By plain clothing I mean that there aren’t any patterns, no spots, no stripes – no distractions. The most important element of a headshot is the person being photographed. Their face and specifically there eyes.

Avoiding distracting clothing and jewellery will help to keep the focus of the photograph on you. I’m sure you’re not going to turn up for a photoshoot wearing a Hammer Simpson tie or other insult to fashion but even tasteful clothing can cause a distraction if the print is a little on the lovely side.

You don’t have to stick to black any colour will do but try to keep it as simple as possible to avoid distracting from you. Black is obviously a classic and works well in this shot but especially because of the hair colour and skin tones are complemented by the dark dress.

Think about what colours work best for you and keep it simple.

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