What Makes A Good Press Shot

June 7, 2019

What makes a good press shot. First of all lets quickly look at what a press shot is so that we can decide what makes a good one.

A press shot is fairly self explanatory, being a photograph that is used to be sent to publications, usually accompanying content such as an article or comment supplied. The reason that you might supply content is to showcase your knowledge, expertise or professionalism so if you’re going to those lengths you want to make sure that any picture that is included should make a good impression.

Simplicity is the key to a good press shot. It’s the easiest thing to get wrong by over complicating. Wacky shots are often the go to press shot of choice for some reason. Be warned a retailer sitting in a shopping trolley does not look like the focused business person that they probably are. The software founder in a unicorn t-shirt doesn’t look as unique and individualistic as he might imaging. The mechanic holding a spanner aloft isn’t fun or quirky, she just looks a tool.

That’s the first step, don’t embarrass yourself. A good looking picture says a lot more about a person than everything else that might be happening in the shot. That doesn’t mean that the photograph needs to be super stiff to the point of looking awkward. Being tasteful is the approach to take. Reflect your opinions and brand values to support and add credibility to your comments, instead of distracting people form your opinions or undermining yourself with a big cheesy grin and a double thumbs up.

Should you take your own press shot?

It has never been so easy to take and share a photograph than it is right now. Billions of people are carrying phones with the ability to take and share pictures. This is a great leveller, allowing almost anybody to take a picture. The only problem with that with the easier it becomes, the further away that we travel from a well-crafted image. Pulling out your phone, pointing and clicking probably won’t get you the best photograph. It will get you a photograph but not a good one.

The real secret to getting a good press shot is taking your time to select the right style for you and your brand and of course getting help from a decent photographer.


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