London Headshot Photography

June 10, 2019

London Headshot Photography on the road.

This headshot was one of our Photo Heads sessions called Turn Up Get Shot, which usually take place in Shoreditch. The idea is that we book in a bit of studio time and folks come visit us on Brick Lane for an awesome headshot.

This Turn Up get Shot session took place in Bristol. On a boat in Bristol. The studio is a converted boat that is now home to photo and video shoots in the west.

The session was an opportunity for people from Bristol and Bath to get a Photo Heads shot without having to make the journey to London. Ironically the woman pictured here travelled all the way down to Bristol from Islington.

And I’m glad the did. This is one of my favourite headshots. Mainly because we managed to work well together to get the right look but also because of the strong colour co-ordination.

Light blue pinstripes that match the blue eyes is an absolute winner. It’s a simple trick, either match the your eye colour to your clothing or pick the colours that are opposite on the colour wheel and you’ll make an impact.

Now that you’ve taken the time to read this post (thanks), scroll back to the top of the page and have another look at this photograph. You’ll see what I mean, about the colouring. Then note how well the person in the shot addresses the camera with her eyes with just the right amount of smile – a little half smile that is very natural.


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