Headshot Of The Day – Old Street London

June 11, 2019

Today’s headshot of the day is from a shoot at Old Street, London.

This shot was photograph was taken using natural light from a tinted window, which allowed the light to be diffused before hitting the room.

What I really love about this shot is the shadows. Essentially, that’s what photography is all about – light and dark. The word itself, ‘photography’, translates as writing with light. More or less.

With all of my photographs I edit in such a way that reduces that harshness that exists in the contrast between light and shadow. However, when it comes to shooting I love love love the contrast between light and dark. Shadows across the face or in the background look great.

Shadows make a photograph look interesting and they add drama. Just have a look at this photograph, which is more of a press shot than a headshot (by the way). The light catches the face and the eyes with everything else existing in the shadow.

Your eyes are drawn to her face, which is what should happen with a portrait. It’s here where the connection is created. Instead of letting your gaze wander around the image you’re drawn in to person you’re looking at.

As you look behind this woman, you’ll see her shadow slightly behind which is also something I love. It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and it isn’t the Photo Heads’ ‘house style’, but sometimes it just looks so good.

And this is one of those times.

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