Waterloo Headshots

September 25, 2019

Have a look at these Waterloo headshots taken in a railway arch to form the brick background.

I might ordinarily head inside the studio on Brick Lane and just use the bare brick walls for this look. See this blog post to see what I mean (Corporate Portraits, Actor Headshots and Magazine Styles).

In this instance we simply headed outside the client’s office, around the corner and underneath a conveniently positioned railway arch feeding trains into Waterloo station. Rather than dragging these guys across town I went to them and this is what we did – we photographed in a tunnel.

If you’re looking for a headshot, you don’t have to skulk about in a railway arch. Instead, you can come into studio or we can setup a studio in your office but the brick backdrop suited this particular client. A software business that’s a young company and full of energy, this seemed to strike the right tone.

When I say that it struck the right tone I don’t just mean that it was the right background. It was the right feel too. With any headshot or portrait session, the job of the photographer goes beyond the technical creative process. The photographer must make the person being photographed feel comfortable.

That’s not to say that the technical element of the photograph shouldn’t exist, it’s crucial. The same is true of the creative investment too, the image can’t look flat and boring (all camera settings and no texture). However, it’s very important that people feel comfortable when being photographed.

When people feel comfortable, they look comfortable and look natural – say goodbye to awkward looking headshots. This is what I mean about striking the right tone, this setting felt like fun and people relaxed into it.

So if you’re thinking about your headshot think about what I’ve said. Think about the setting and how to create an environment that will allow you to thrive in front of the camera.

Thanks for reading Waterloo headshots if you want me to talk about your headshots get in touch.


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