How Important is Photography for your Hotel Marketing

January 13, 2020

It’s amazing how many hotels are missing enquiries because of the state of their website. How important is photography for your hotel marketing?

The initial fix for an ugly website is often seen as a complete redesign but the solution could be much simpler. Improve the visual design through elements such as, better photography, more attractive colours amongst a few more easy wins.

How Do Guests Choose a Hotel?

I know that it’s pointing out the obvious but most people will make decisions about a hotel online. Less obvious is the amount of time it take to make a good first impression with your website or social feed. It takes longer to say ‘do I like this hotel’ than it does for your brain to answer that very question – 180 milliseconds in fact. You do get slightly more time to try and keep people but not long so you need to start off on the best foot.

Seconds to Impress

The full length of time that you have to make an impression is around a seven second window and that includes the initial 2.6 seconds (average) that people’s eyes take to settle on an area of a page that they want to look at. That means all of the imagery and headlines on the first page are helping to inform people’s decision before they start actively looking at your site.

Although the copy is ultimately important, strong visual design, layout and imagery are the initial winners as visitors scan through the site to decide if they want to know more about you.

Design Matters

Research has shown the importance of visual design with 94% of participants feedback being related to visual design. Here are 10 of the most common (negative) comments about design.

  • Too complex
  • Busy layout
  • Lack of navigation aids
  • Boring design
  • The use of colours
  • Too much text
  • Small text
  • Popup ads
  • Slow introduction (load time)
  • Overly corporate look and feel

What should Your Website be doing

So if you want people to stick around for long enough to find out how wonderful your facilities are and what makes them better than your competitors then you need to grab their attention. Ditch all the crappy badly lit iPhone pictures and start focussing on how to tell your story.

Tell visitors why you’re so great, and why they should stay with you. Sell them the in-person experience instead of advertising drab banality.

Hotel Photography Inspiration

Here’s an example of some of the imagery that you could be using to promote your hotel. Images that will make people think hell yea rather than what the hell.

Photographs of the place, the people and the little details & experiences will tell your story and lead people to your booking page instead of taking them back to the search results.


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