Harley Street Headshot Photography

April 10, 2020

Check out my Harley Street headshot photography. Much like any of my other headshots really except for the time of day. To fit in with the client’s patient schedule I usually photograph the staff in the evening.

I use the same principles when photographing using natural light or studio lighting so shooting after dark ill present similar results to a headshot session photographed in the day.

There will be a slightly different look to photographs taken using daylight but the benefit of using lights at night rather than in the day can make life a little easier because it’s a lot simpler to control the light. When sunlight isn’t spilling into the room I have the perfect environment for lighting a headshot – a black box.

The end result is the same for the client but with the added benefit of convenience. If the surgeons had to block out a period of time when they aren’t seeing patients then they’re headshot session would start to feel a little expensive. When they don’t have to refuse client’s there’s less wasted time.


The headshot style for this session was a mixture of shots looking towards and away from the lens. In truth the shoots looking at the camera will be more appropriate for this client but they’ve got the choice and can change the look as it suits them.

One of the things that I liked most about this headshot session was the edit style. We opted for something a little softer with a slightly muted feel. I edited the pictures to almost have a hint of a sun bleached feel, without making them to avant-garde. Without realising it, he Harley Street clients appreciate the craftsmanship but will want something with.a classic feel.

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