Personal Brand Photography For A Leadership Coach

May 4, 2020

Personal brand photography is unique to different industries. Personal brand photography for a leadership coach needs to quickly articulate messages that are specific to each individual’s specific niche.

Using a mixture of professional portraits, headshots and business lifestyle photography a leadership or executive coach has to quickly articulate who they are. You have seconds to portray qualities such as professionalism, experience and confidence. At the same time the photographs need to be approachable and likeable.

This is always an interesting balancing act. Treading a line between affable and competent is a challenge because if you focus too much on one of these traits, there’s a risk that it will undermine the other. Look to nice and there’s a risk of looking like you don’t have the leadership experience. Look to confident and you might being to seem arrogant.

To achieve the right messaging to support your brand, the trick is to avoid overdoing it – don’t ham it up for the pictures. Instead, you should be natural. Fortunately, this is something that your photographer will help with. Instead of trying to be Gary Vaynerchuck, Time Ferris or whoever else, just be yourself.

As a leadership coach you will have a clear understanding of your personal brand. So once you’ve articulated this to your photographer, it should be easy for the two of you to find the right locations, picture setups and style.


Working with you to create a set of images to reflect your personal brand, you will receive a set o images that match your messaging  which can be used for editorial, speaking engagements, across social media and beyond. 

The photographs will have an authentic feel that fees original to you and your brand. With Photo Heads you won’t receive the same set of cliched mages that look ready for every Instagram influencer and his or her dog. There won’t be a castle was across the pictures as you grin formlessly as if you’re auditioning for a Diet Coke commercial.

You’ll look, great, you’ll look real and you’ll deliver your messaging to clients through the photographs.

Here’s a gallery featuring some images from a session with an author, keynote speaker and executive coach to give you a feel for the Photo Heads style.


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