May 19, 2020

How can photography influence purchasing decisions across eCommerce platforms? Photography is a great way to provide a positive customer experience for your commerce site. If you don’t have good product photographs then you’re probably losing sales. Don’t just stop at good or adequate photography, take the opportunity to create something great that will drive sales.

Pack shots are often shot against bland white backgrounds and lifestyle shots are approached in the same way as those awful 80s and 90s catalogues. It doesn’t have to be and the companies that have a different approach are succeeding.

Visual appearance is crucial to influencing buyer behaviour. According to a survey by the experts at Justuno, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be a key factor in purchasing decisions. So go all out on this. Create some visuals that make people fall in love with your products.

It’s obvious to say that if people want the lifestyle within a picture they will be influenced to buy the products too. This is why sexy people doing cool stuff is used in advertising. But why not make people fall in love with the actual photograph. Make cool photographs, great design and killer copy that people will be drawn to. Make your website’s visulals look or feel like their favourite blog.

Of course photography isn’t the only area that impacts buying behaviours and converts visitors into customers, although it is a big driver. It just so happens to be the area where I can talk as an expert. Load times, navigation and other factors are also massively important too but I ca’t talk with as much authority beyond the photography and visual design discussions.

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