Good photography isn’t about the equipment you use

June 23, 2020

There is certain equipment that I need to use as a photographer but going beyond that I really couldn’t give a flying funk stick about the gear. So does it matter what type of camera you use?

I believe that the equipment is less important than the idea and the application but as a professional photographer there are certain things that I need. Some of these things help me to be more efficient, some of these things do improve the quality and some of these things simply impress the client’s enough for them to have the confidence in what I’m doing.

You’ll find that there are amateurs and professionals out there that are obsessed with the technology, so much so they’re so focussed on the equipment they can sometimes loose sight of how to take a good picture. Instead, they sleepwalk into action, following the recommendations of a camera magazine or YouTuber believing that this lens or that camera system will suddenly transform bland snaps into prize winning pictures.

Then there are the inverse photographic snobs who react to the aforementioned sheep. These guys are position themselves as more interested in the craft which they probably are but they aren’t any better than the first bunch. This group are all focused on shooting film believing it gives them a sense of superiority. To some of them, photo editing is sacrilege and the elite within this group might even develop their own pictures. Correction, they might develop their own black and white images. Colour images are harder, much harder.

I get it, when I was at college I enjoyed being in the dark room, editing back & white images was fun. And developing colour was rewarding too. But it doesn’t make you a better photographer because you can do these things.

Having all of the best photographic gear doesn’t make you a better photographer either. So if you are interested in photography then be interested in photography. Don’t feel pressured into fitting in with one of these tribes. What you should do instead is take lots of photographs, look at lots of photographs and enjoy yourself.


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