Product Photography For Coffee Brands

August 5, 2020

Product for coffee brands can consist of a number of different styles. Lifestyle photography and packshots are the most obvious options.

You have a little over two and a half seconds to impress potential customers visiting your site so you need to get them on the hook straight away. This is why a balance of both lifestyle photography and packshots will help to prevent people leaving your site and ultimately making a purchase.

Rather than hitting people with a photograph of the packaged product, excite them. Use lifestyle photography to grab people’s attention. Sell them the idea of the product. Everybody know’s what a bag or box of coffee beans looks like. Instead of hitting your visitors with the packaging, let them imagine sniffing, sipping and enjoying the coffee the way it’s designed to be consumed – in a cup.

Of course you should show off your cool branded packaging but that’s stage two. Once you’ve sold the lifestyle, move people to the purchasing page and there you go. It’s hello packshot time.

Lifestyle Coffee Photography

One of the things that makes a website look good is the imagery. Cool photographs make an average website look great. Functionality is obviously important but research has show than the visual design is the initial make or break for people to stick around to experience your well built ecommerce platform.

Good design, nice logos and killer lifestyle photography will help keep people on your site long enough for you to sell them the coffee.

Coffee Packshots

Once you’ve got people on the hook you need to show them that you’re a serious business at the purchasing page. A hastily picture of a bag of beans on your kitchen working top screams amateur hour. There’s no reason why you couldn’t use a well styled lifestyle shot as a product shot. However, packshots are more commonplace. If that’s what you’re after.

If you are happy to take the well trodden route of a plain background packshot you can still vary things a little. You don’t have to stick with the white background approach, pick a different colour to match your brand or maybe incorporate a gif with a stop frame animation feel to it.


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