Headshot Photography Outside

August 20, 2020

Corporate headshot photography taken outside is a little unusual but in the new world of avoiding the spread of Covid-a9 it has become more of an option.

There’s a little more to taking a headshot, getting the subject relaxed and taking a picture. A headshot needs to reflect the business. So more often than not a headshot will be photographed in an ambient office setting or with a studio background.

However, because of the increased risk of infection indoors and the reasonably good weather outside it’s a good idea to shot some corporate portraits outside.

Actor headshots and editorial portraits can be taken outside so it doesn’t hurt to shoot corporate portraits outside either. The important thing is to consider the background. There are some really obvious things to avoid, and these are often the mistakes that people choose when they take a DIY headshot. Parks and garden, touristy locations, train tacks are all a no go.

The most important part of a headshot is the person. Nobody cares about er or his shirt or the green trees of the national trust estate in the background. So it’s important to crop it tightly around the person’s head and shoulders. Avoid the cliched backgrounds like train tracks and cranes – it’s a bit art college, camera club territory. You want to be taken seriously don’t you.

With this headshot session we headed pitched up underneath a bridge near Balham station. And the reason for that was to use the green London Underground tiles on the wall. It avoided getting brickwork in shot and there wasn’t a risk of featuring graffiti in the picture either. Also green is a colour that reflects well within this companies brand.


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