Headshot with Glasses

September 2, 2020

So here’s another headshot with glasses just to prove that it can be done.

It’s weird, so many people worry about wearing glasses in their headshot and ask whether they should keep them on for their portrait. If you were wondering that question too then the answer is very simple – if you walk out of your front door in the morning wearing a pair of specs then keep ’em. Keep those glasses on if your face is used for carrying these visual aids then go with it.

It can be more of a challenge for me as a photographer to photograph people wearing glasses but that’s my problem not yours. The end result is that you will probably feel more relaxed behind your frames than you will will without.

There are benefits of removing your glasses for your headshots. The obvious is that there’s less of an issue with glare and reflections, but again, that’s my problem. Another benefit is that sort of half squint thing people do when they remove their glasses. It gives people that model squinch look. And whether it’s intentional or not it still has the same result, a cool.

But enough about the benefits without glasses and back to the benefits of keeping them on. Just have a look at these images below to see how natural and relaxed these headshots look.


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