Artisan Portraits

December 9, 2020

I love a good artisan portrait. A photograph of the creative that produced the work that you’re so in love with. A way for you to meet your maker.

That’s the whole concept of the business headshot, an introduction to the people behind the products and services. The thing that distinguishes between these two different headshot styles is the context.

When photographing a creative you’re able to present a real world environment, the artists creative residence that doesn’t exist within the business world.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. A portrait of an accountant doesn’t have to be so cliched. Shoehorning calculators and an abacus into the background might look a little naff. Photographing a solicitor at his or her desk casually looking over their shoulder as they pretend to hammer the keys of their laptop will almost certainly look tacky as hell. However, context can be created in a meaningful way.

Replicate the artisan portrait by taking a slightly wider shot that includes some of the background. Think of the messaging that you want to include. Think about the environment that relates to your business and your people to create a sense of authenticity that’s sometimes missing from business portraits.

Maybe a laptop will form part of the background but it can be used in an interesting way. Use the office foliage, drink coffee or hang out in your foyer.

Another thing to note is the argument between looking at or away from the camera. When it comes to a LinkedIn shot looking at the lens is crucial, however I don’t think that it’s always quite as important on a company website or other marketing material.

The real trick is to have a well shot, well edited interesting image.


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