Advertising Photography For Bristol Property Consultants

January 18, 2021
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This advertising campaign for Andrews was created by the agency Big Helping. The overall feel was to create a campaign with a human feel that presented real life property journeys. From initial conversations to the end result the process would show how the people at Andrews would listen to their customers rather than serving up a mechanical service.

The campaign was designed to capture the real people people behind the brand to show off that their staff care about their customers.

The brief given to me by Big Helping was to engage with Andrews employees to capture their character and personalities. I was given direction to ensure that the the pictures were photographed with lots of space around the individuals, allowing room for graphics to be added.

It’s a strange experience to photograph people in this way so it’s great to see the end result produced by Big Helping.

Photographing a typical advertising or lifestyle campaign in the Photo Heads style usually includes some closeup shots rich in texture and detail so it was important to stay on brief to ensure that we delivered the campaign objectives.

These wide shots work really well with the graphic details. The standard textured images that we would typically produce would have created too much distraction from the messaging.

Why Photo Heads

Why were we given this assignment? We’ve worked with Andrews before so they’re familiar with the style of photography that we produce. The end result and our final edited style fit with their brand but it was our approach that worked for Andrews on this project.

The campaign wanted to capture real people. Real people don’t always feel comfortable having their picture taken and that was the reason for using Photo Heads. Photo Heads’s Paul has photographed a number of headshots and portraits for the property agents and it is his relaxed approach in drawing out and capturing the characters of the people being photographed that suited this project.

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