May 10, 2021

Part of the success of a photography session happens before the actual shoot itself – it comes from the preparation. This editorial photography shoot is the perfect example of a well organised shoot.

Photographing an editorial portrait for a fintech’s Head of Performance, I was shooting in the UK but organised the shoot through a client based in California. As you can imagine with the time difference the opportunity to speak was limited and there was a tight deadline to turn this shoot around.

As a result of this, communication had to be efficient so that both myself and the client were able to agree upon our shared goals and ideas. There was no opportunity for the client to be reactive on the day of the because she couldn’t be on site with me and the subject.

On the actual day of the shoot I was able to direct the subject to achieve the style that the publication aimed to achieve. At the same time as achieving these client goals I was also able to give the subject a great experience, which is especially important when photographing people that aren’t necessarily used to being photographed.

The Shoot

To get the most out of the shoot we used a number of different settings in around the company’s Bristol offices. By moving the subject between different settings it allowed for the article to offer variety and interest. You’ll also notice that because this is an editorial shoot the images don’t all use a tight crop to allow space for the publication to insert elements such as branding and text over the top of the image.


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