Personal Fitness Coach Video

May 24, 2021

In addition to our core main focus, Commercial photography, (headshots, product, lifestyle and food photography) we occasionally work on video projects too. This personal fitness coach video shot in Bristol is an example of our video work.

The aim of this video remained the same throughout the project, however, the style changed to meet the needs of the client, which will be discussed after but first let’s look at what we created.

What we have here is 30 second video introducing a personal trainer, GemWellbeing. To be used on both a website and social media this video is very much an overview of Gemma of GemWellbeing.

This film is a piece of branding content that will add to the sales process, without selling. Instead it will create engagement and brand awareness to work with GemWellbein’g busy social content.

In addition to producing this finished video we actually provided a number of the edited sections as separate pieces of content. The logic behind this was to give the client heaps of usable content that could be used in a number of different ways. By providing the individually sections within the video the client is able to use and manipulate them acoss their own social platforms, with the specific aim of creating additional content on Instagram Reels.

Initially this film had been designed as a talking heads video with some B-roll footage of Gemma working out. This footage would have been incorporated into the video, breaking up the talking to camera footage. When it came to it we decided to change the film to consist of just exercise footage. The reason for this was because of Gemma had been suffering from a bit of a cold and was supr bunged up and very croacky. Because she didn’t want to be filmmed while poorly we reverted to plan b, plan B-roll.

We could have rescheduled but Gemma is incredibly busy and couldn’t find a slot in her diary without having to wait so we cracked on and it work towards a happy ending.


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