Product Photography Shoot for a London Agency

December 14, 2021

This product photography shoot for a London Agency specialising in Print based marketing was a really interesting challenge that we enjoyed shooting.

The agency Blue Market Media specialise in print based marketing; press ads, door drops, inserts and shared space. They are currently (at the time of writing) redeveloping their website and wanted to have some photography focusing on their insert service and approached Photo Heads for help.

Inserts are a form of direct marketing that allows advertisers the opportunity to send leaflets inside parcels, magazines and newspapers to promote their product or service. The photography had two focuses, a lifestyle shoot and Packshots style photography of the leaflets.

As you can imagine the lifestyle element was easier to demonstrate the leaflets because of the tactile nature of the shoot. The challenge with the pack shots was to make the thin leaflets look alive. There is a risk with something so thin that it will look very flat when photographed. 

The solution was to create shadows to give a sense of depth. There are many different ways to achieve a shadow and it would have been possible to add a little drop shadow in Photoshop but for authenticity it’s better to do the work in camera rather than in the edit. This means that to achieve the shadow we elevated the product slightly and positioned the light to create a shadow that could be captured while photographing the image.

There was also a really happy accident that helped spark an idea for some of the images. One of the flyers was a little dogeared by the time it arrived at the studio. Mainly because it had been hanging around the client’s office for a while rather than damaged in transit. The turned up corners and frayed edges created a the perfect look. It wasn’t the right messaging for all the images but it did create a tangible looking image that felt real.

This accident certainly helped to make the thin flyer look alive.

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