How To dress For A Corporate Headshot

June 21, 2022

Oh how to dress for a corporate headshot? You manage to throw on some clothes for work without giving it too much thought. You manage to get dressed for a meeting without too much stress. You’ve had job interviews without any major meltdowns but you’re in a panic about what to wear for your headshot

My advice is to stop worrying about it. What you’re probably at risk of doing is overthinking it. Don’t rush out to the shops to buy a new jacket and guys don’t worry about dusting off your tie just for this occasion.

If you aren’t already wearing those things to work then why worry about them for your headshot. Yes your headshot is a chance to make a first impression and it’s a reflection of your work self but your work self isn’t necessarily Don Draper reincarnate.

If you wear a tie, heels a jacket etc to work or meetings then wear them for your headshot but if you don’t, well then, don’t wear it for your picture.

You might want to smarten yourself up somewhat. If you’ve got used to working from home or a half empty office and it doesn’t usually matter if your t-shirt is ironed, you might like to rethink that strategy. 

It’s probably worth speaking to your marketing team to find out what type of vibe they’re trying to present. They’ve probably got an idea of how they want you to be presented and more often than not that doesn’t involve overdressing with shirts, ties and blazers.

Written by Paul Tschornow

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