Historical Record Photography at RAF Yatesbury

June 28, 2022

This historical record photography at RAF Yatesbury was a slightly change from our typical commercial photography requests that I enjoyed immensely. It was a unique opportunity to see an important historical site that not many people have access to.

RAF Yatesbury is a former RAF airfield set within the beautiful Wilshire landscape. There are currently plans by a housing development company to convert this site into a small number of homes which will breathe new life into a site that is slowly decaying.

The development is an excellent opportunity for people to access a place that has been fenced off to the world.

Integrating the development’s houses within the airbases’s iconic structures, I believe the plan is to be as respectful to the space as possible. However, there is a need to preserve the area with a photographic record to capture the history of the place.

RAF Yatesbury has long since fallen into disrepair so there is an element of imagining what this space would have once presented. That was the exciting challenge for Photo Heads to capture. Rather than simply snapping images of the space we were invited to photograph this military base that was active in both the first and second world wars, with the agenda of producing visually interesting pictures.

Have a look through these sample images that will hopefully play their part in remembering this incredible site.

Written by Paul Tschornow

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