Brand photography

March 27, 2023

Brand photography for Greendown Shepherds Huts which featured a collection of images and video to help build a visual story of the brand.

The brief was to build a collection photography into three parts; the what, how and who, to help tell the story of the brand. That story is well crafted shepherd huts, beautifully styled by skilled people that enjoy crafting Greendown Shepherd Huts.There is an interior photography element as we show what a furnished hut will look like. We also have a brand and lifestyle photography as we photograph the people and the workshop used to create the shepherd huts. Finally, we photograph headshots and portraits of the people crafting these delightful structures.


Showcasing the difference between glamping and camping the greendown Shepherd huts definitely fall on the luxe glamping side of the fence. With the interiors we showcased the quality of the finish. 

There were some lovely details and finishes that needed to be captured to show how much attention had gone into the construction of the huts but also, to show potential owners what they could do with their finished structure.

Lifestyle/At Work

Highlighting the hands on craftsmanshifp of the huts is displayed through the images showing people skilfully crafting the huts. In addition to the craftsmen we also included some of the tools used to really hammer home the point that this wasn’t an automated factory build.


Allowing people the opportunity to connect with the people building their shepherds huts we focussed on capturing the makers looking relaxed and natural to create a human connection. Also, we deliberately used the huts and the workshop as part of the background for each headshot.

Written by Paul Tschornow

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