Commercial Brand Photography

June 14, 2023

This collection of commercial brand photography was shot alongside a video project for Integral.

Within this collection of images you will find people focused brand photography. Lots of images of real people in their working environments.

The campaign was designed around the concept of Integral’s people in their natural working environment and the campaign was called service with character. The main focus of the campaign was to create video interviews with footage of people taking pride in their work. Photo Heads were tasked to capture still images that captured these people in their working environments.

We travelled across the country to places we’ve never visited before. Not so much glamour destinations but certainly unseen locations  such as Stevenage, Wrexham. There were some early starts with one beginning at 5.30am. And most of the shoots were during the brutal heatwave of the 2022 summer. So the shoots were physically demanding but the content was really rewarding.

Photographing real people in their real working environments was a pleasure. None of these people had any modelling experience so we had to help coach them to feel comfortable in front of the lens but it was a very cooperative and collaborative environment.

Below is a collection of images from the sessions. During the entirety of the shoot we ended up with (literally) hundreds of images but here are some of our favourites.

Written by Paul Tschornow

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