This is why high quality photographs help web conversions

March 4, 2024

There are so many factors to consider when thinking about converting website visitors into paying clients and customers but let’s talk about about the role images play and why high quality photographs help web conversions.

If you work in or have any involvement with marketing then you will have probably seen numerous videos of bombastic ‘experts’ talking about “the most important way” or “the number 1 tactic” to convert traffic into customers.

In this post I won’t claim that photography is the most important way to convert visitors. I’m not saying that it’s more or less important than any other strategy – there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and all approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

Why focus on converting visitors

This is probably obvious but it often gets ignored. The investment in driving visitors to a site is pointless if these visitors fail to make a buying action when they arrive. When someone arrives at a site you want them to make an enquiry or a purchase, otherwise what’s the point in having a website.

How do you convert visitors into customers

This is where you will hear the marketing gurus, telling you that it is all about a call to action. They’re right, you should make it easy for people to make an enquiry or purchase by encouraging people to contact you. Live chat and big buttons all play an incredibly important role. However, it’s also important to keep people on the site in the first place and to create a relationship and build trust. This is where photography comes in.

The power of photography in web design

In a previous blog post about Hotel Marketing I wrote about how it takes seconds to make an impression on a web visitor. On average it takes less than three seconds for a user’s gaze to settle on your site. That means that you have a very short window to make an impression. If you want to keep people on the site then you have to give them a reason to stay. You need to attract them before you have chance to push the call to action.

A visually interesting image and a well designed site will keep people looking for longer. It starts to build trust images through association. A well crafted photograph will capture people’s attention better than no image or an ugly landing page.

Written by Paul Tschornow

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