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March 11, 2024

Your people and culture are a big part of your business so you want to show them off which is where business lifestyle photography comes into play.

You might use images of your people  across social and throughout your website for marketing or recruitment. By showing off your staff the photographs have a sense of authenticity.

The trick is to strike a balance. The shots should avoid being too polished to ensure that they look like real people. Although, not too real that it looks like amateur hour. That means that you need to avoid the contrived looking stock photos and the hastily snapped picture of employees attending a networking breakfast, mid-chomp with scrambled egg stained ties.

The benefit of using real world images is that business lifestyle photography allows you to tell or present personal stories. The images have an authenticity to them that’s relatable but they also lend themselves perfectly to storytelling. A simple caption alongside the images can deliver a strong message.

The image of real people in real environments allow you to tell the story of that person, the place or setting. So when it comes to generating content for international women’s day, black history month or mental health awareness week you have a story neatly packaged inside the picture.

When you want to talk about staff satisfaction you can show your staff as you tell tale about their experiences.

Something that’s really important when producing a collection of business lifestyle photography is to look for variety and a good cross section of people. You don’t want just the people in suits having a meeting or pointing at a chart, you want the receptionist and people enjoying a coffee during a break.

Equally some images of people on the tools always look cool. Someone welding with sparks flying is visually interesting but show-off the cleaners and the other people important to the business.

Below are some examples of business lifestyle images photographed by Photo Heads. If you want to find out more about the process then get in touch or follow us on our socials.

Written by Paul Tschornow

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