Recruitment video for a barrister’s chambers

March 19, 2024

We shot this pupil recruitment video for a barrister’s chambers using a documentary style

The chambers had a list of approved questions which could be asked of the pupils but we were given creative control to interview and edit the video to deliver the most compelling story.

The style of the video was always planned to be a documentary style so with this in mind certain stylistic traits were incorporated.


The first element was that I knew that the feel of the film would need to rely heavily on shot footable of the pupils in their work environment. Working individually and collaboratively the video needed to have plenty of footage that would be more interesting than simply face to camera footage. We felt that this would make the video a more interesting to  watch.

It also allowed the opportunity for the pupils being interviewed to make mistakes, although this wasn’t actually necessary because they were flawless. However, in principal, if the interviewees needed to pause and reset themselves between answers, we could cover this up – the B-roll would pay over the top of the interviews, hiding the edits within the interview.

Handheld filming

Another stylistic concept introduced into the video was the handheld filming. Rather than steadying the footage with a gimbal, I decided that the video should be filmed handheld.

The benefit of this is that it was much more contemporary in style. It also had the added impact of being less intimidating for the pupils because a smaller handheld camera was less imposing.


Similarly to reducing the a camera equipment, the lighting was kept to a minimum. Using daylight for all of the B-roll footage meant that we could make the film look more contemporary. It also prevented scaring the interviewees with a big lighting setup.

Another benefit was  that we could move faster transitioning from one scene to another.

We did use studio lighting for the interviews so in an effort to give the film consistency I used soft lighting to have ofer a similarity between the studio and daylight used throughout the film.

Written by Paul Tschornow

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