Healthcare Photography

April 9, 2024
Dental model on desk next to a computer keyboard

Let’s talk about healthcare photography. Not to be confused with medical photography which is more of a process of clinical record keeping. This type of healthcare photography is commercial photography used to promote brands and services within the healthcare services.

Having photographed for the NHS and private practices on Harley Street, this example is of a private dental practice. The great thing about a dental practice is that their products look cool.

Implants already look interesting. This doesn’t mean that you can just point a camera in their direction and hope for the best. You still have to work hard to set, style and frame the images. It means that when you’ve managed to get the photography right, the overall images can be quite captivating. By using shadows on the dental models and enhancing the colour of the Tepe brushes and flossing implements we were able to create some creative content.

With this shoot we concentrated on products, process and personality. There are a surprising number of products to show but it would be a little boring to focus on just these ‘things’. Instead the shoot also included the people at work in a business lifestyle look. 

Because the work is about personalities, these interactions are key. Showing their relationships as colleagues or practitioners with patients the practice is able to start building trust before the potential clients arrive on site.

These images will primarily be used on the company website but can also be used across their social channels and will play a particularly important role in paid social if they choose to go down that route. 

Written by Paul Tschornow

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