Product Photography For Not On The High Street

November 9, 2020

You might be asking, ‘how to create the best photography for Not on the High Street?’, in an effort to maximise your chances of selling your products on the online market place.

Your reason for this is because you want to increase your opportunity to sell your wares. Another reason is probably because the folks at Not on the High Street gave you some guidance on producing the best possible photography to help you and your business become a success.

If you’ve looked through the guidance then you might have felt a little overwhelmed at the size of the pdf but it’s more manageable than you think. It’s also pretty straightforward and common sense. To help I’ll break it down a little further in this blog post, advising you on the stylistics of creating stunning product photography.

In a nutshell, you need to creat good looking lifestle images but here’s a break down of what they want but first, here’s what they want you to avoid.


What they want you to avoid is producing naff photography. There’s a misconception that product photography should be photographed against a white background. There are times when a plain background works but more often than not it can look a little sterile, especially hen you try it yourself. If you do ever need a white background packshot style photograph, leave it to a professional.

You’ll also need to avoid crappy lighting. Lighting is the basis for good photography and they want you to create good photography so that you can succeed.


To navigate the problem of bad lighting NOTHS have recommended that you stick to natural light. Unless you’re a lighting master then daylight is your best friend for all of your DIY product shots. The colour of the light produced by the sun is more pleasing that a tungsten light bulb. The direction of light is probably going to be more favourable than the lamp shining down from your celling creating softer, nicer shadows.

Using natural light doesn’t mean that you have to photograph everything outside, you can shoot it inside, using the window as your light source. Top tip, turn off the house lights. To make the most of shooting in day light you need to photograph in this light alone so flick of the lamps in your house, shop or studio.

The other thing that NOTHS are looking for is lifestyle photography. This will avoid the mistake of using the drab white background and give your images context. By creating an evironment that potential customers aspire to, you will have a much better opportunity to make a sale.

To achieve this look think about the other thing that might need to be in the frame to give your picture a context. dress the set with accessories to make the images standout. If you have a relaxing lavender candle then maybe use matches and picked lavender within the photograph.


The product photography below is an example of the work created for Bristol based Wild About Flowers who are due to launch a range of gift boxes on the Not on the High Street platform.

Good luck and get in touch if you need help with your photographs.

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