Interior and Architecture Photography

Photographing places of all types. Interior, architecture and historic record photography with a unique style. With a slightly textured our photography differs from the digital looking architecture and interior photography usually found. The reason for this is to excite and interest the viewer.


We provide a mix of interior shots to include both wide and detailed images. The wide shot is the traditional interior photograph but it’s important to go deeper. By including close up shots of specific details we’re able to create images that go beyond displaying the overall space, instead we allow people to imagine the experience of the space just by looking at the pictures.

Overall, we believe that the photographs need to be more than a fly on the wall perspective of a space. We believe that interior photography should allow people to imagine using the room or building, letting the imagination interact with the space.


Architecture photography is about the building, it’s shape, form, beauty and function. Because of this our pictures will have a textured tactile feel that represents the building or structure in the most flattering and descriptive way possible. This balance between the aesthetic and the purpose of the space are equally important.

It’s also worth noting our philosophy that, it isn’t always essential for architectural photography to be descriptive. Sometimes the abstract is just as powerful.


When required to capture a historic record of an area before it is lost there becomes a need for some artistic license. Being more than a bland historical record, these photographs should be captured in the most flattering way to reflect their potential cultural importance.

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Photo Heads can mostly be found photographing in London, sometimes in Bristol and occasionally elsewhere but we do travel throughout the UK and Europe.

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